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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ My hols. =)

13th June, Sunday

Woke up at afternoon about 1.3opm.
Then eat, watch tv until 3 something.
Then rolling on bed, and get prepared.
Coz later gonna meet up with my dearest for playing badminton.
About 4 something reached Desa Petaling,
then daddy paired with mommy, I paired with bii for playing badminton.
Few min later, Mac reached.
We were having a lot of fun there. So happy.
Badminton courts full with people,
the court was so hot, sweats alot. -,-
And my mom and dad like baby so much too. ^^
After that about 6 something, went dinner together at OUG!
Err..outside bii's house, makan makan makan, chatting chatting chatting.
Enjoyed!!! =D So happy today. Everone was having fun and talking jokes.
Brought Mac and Bii home.
Went home, got call from baby then slp. =)
And yesterday I went Pavillion with mommy and daddy,
and guess what? I watched Karate Kids. Whoaaa..NICE!
The small little chinese guy is kinda cute. ^^
And the son of Will Smith, Jade Smith too.
Small little black guy. Whoaa..small muscles. =D
Quite interesting huh my hols? Thanks to daddy and mommy. =)

14th June, Monday.

Woke up at 1 also. ^^ Piggy marr..xD
Daddy off today, so he brought me to Sunway shopping. =0
As I wish, I watched Nanny McPhee. Small C Big P! =DD
Funny movie. And bought shirts, bikiniS for yue and huiting. ^^
Used so much money. -,- Sakit hati now..
And today bii's friends came to his house, about 15 people of them.
Whole day never text me, about 8 something only find me. -,-
Abit unhappy lor, left me for so long. +(00)+
Went aunt house and tv then slp. Boring!! -,-
Slept about 3. Coz i woke up late today.

15th June, Tuesday.

Woke up at 9 for going to school accompany dear.
Then reached school, saw that pig playing with his phone. -,-
Then played ball, walking around, joking around.
We planned about 12 something wait Tony they all finish their history class,
then go to Mv for movie together.
But mom called, she was angry coz I never told her i went to school.
And exam is coming, almost everyday I go out, only know entertaining. -,-
Then she said 12.30pm go home IS A MUST!!!
Walao wei.. Tmr anniversary, then cant accompany baby. So sad.
I was so mad and pissed off!! Mom and dad scolded me on the phone,
and bii was watching me. So sorry..>.<
All my fault, for not telling my parents and pissed them off. Aiks~
Then 12.30 went home, I was so sad, no mood at all. All the way home, I was quiet.
After that, dear text me, he's gonna meet up with Daniel, Kar Kiet and Jia Long for lunch.
"MAYBE" go cc later. -,- Fine. I stay home study.
About 4 something he texted me and said, he just reached home, now wan study.
Later sms me, I was like..-,-
Fine fine fine..I was lazy to reply d.
Then night pack bag for tmr.
2 days not in kl for going trip to Tanjung Sepak. =( Gonna miss u guys.
Gonna take a lot of pics with all my babies at the beach.
Then night, made banana cupcakes with aunt. Enjoyed.
Auntie saw I was moody, she so sek me and wanna bake cupcakes.
I joined her, and flour all over the kitchen! muahahaha ^^
Thanks auntie. Love u.
That's all for today. Gonna update when I came back to KL.
Bye peeps. =D


Friday, June 11, 2010

♥ 10th June

Ola~ Im back. Miss me? =)
Long time I never touch my bloggie. =3
Forgive my lazyness. ;)
I update my bloggie and changed my blog skin. ^.^
Grumpy toast! =DDDD
It's Beckham 2nd wife, WaiSze reminded me of my bloggie. =D
hmm..Where should I start?
10th June, woke up at 8am, for preparing going to school and attend the tuition class.
Gave baby a morning call, woke him up.
Then reached school, having chinese history tuition at JR3A class.
Until 12.30pm, while waiting for Junn to pick me from his daddy office.
I was joking around with Yue, ZhiYing and Mi. =)
Then played basketball with Siang, my skills improved! =D
After that, 1 only Junn reached school then we sat taxi went to my aunt house.
We went swimming pool talking and playing with water then only go up.
Reached home, he was hungry then I cooked Magee for him.
My grandma and grandpa said he's good looking and polite, but too skinny. -,-
I almost vomit. Then kick him to room do maths and rolling on the bed doing nothing.
About 4 something, he went back. =) What a happy day for me.

Today woke up at 10am, morning call from Jun.
10.30am tuition til 12. I was banging the wall with my chemistry book. -,-
Whole day was boring, texted baby, on9, watching tv.
Everyday like eat, slp, sms, on9 and tv. NO MORE~ -,-
And I wanna watch Nanny Mcphee this weekend. ><
And and and shopping!!! BIKINI! I gonna buy bikini for YUE! =D
16th and 17th having a trip with my classmates.
So 2 days not in KL. T^T
Gonna reload more and sweet talk with baby everynight le.
Promised Yue gonna buy a bikini for her, force her wearing it on beach! Muahaha xD
16th cant celebrate 15th Month Anni with my sorlou. =(
I promise Im gonna buy back anni pressie for him.
19th gonna force him out celebrate fathers' day eve with my parents.
And hope everything will be fine.
Just a short update here. And I found a video. [[ Love like this - SS501 ]] - not bad. =)


Friday, March 19, 2010

♥ Birthday

15th March

Ehem..Woke up Eu, Yan, Hwai, Kit and his gf.
Always forgotten her name. =.= Not so close marhh..
They brought me to Pavillion, walk walk and I watched Remember Me. =)
So nice. =D And had a drink at Carl's Junior. Hwai wanted to eat the beef burger.
Then shop shop each of them gave me Rm100.
They said buy whatever I like. LOL. I got Rm300 from them. ^^
Actually we wanted to buy Alice in the wonderland. But fully booked. Sampat =.=
Yan bought le fruits cake for me. We makan at the starbucks outside the Jusco. ^^
Then we went to Jusco, Yan wanted to eat Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.
Eu bought for her then I went to their house, saw my Jackie =D
So long never see him, became fatty boom boom liao. ^^
Then on9 lorh, went swimming at Miharja there, at night went pasar malam.
About 8 something, mom brought me home. ^.^
Dad and mom gave me Rm250. Yeeeeeppeeeee =D
At night, makan green tea cake again. ^^

Sam kor =)
My girls.
Leon and Me =) Look at my face.
blow blow.
Face on cake. =.=
Ate the fruits, threw the cake. =.=
Birthdat girl.
Force him makan. xD
Bin =)
Pretty Joelle.
JX =)
Will x)
Ah lui =)

Qilin =)
My baby.

16th March
My birthday, about 11.30pm only I woke up. =D
Then Rebecca called and wished me Happy Birthday.
Then about 1pm only reached Sunway, because of traffic jam.
Reached Sunway, meet up with my babies.
Then boys dont want to ice skating, so me, Liteng, Joelle, Williem and Junxian went in first.
I dont know how to skate larh, I hold Teng and Joelle's hand until bengkak liao. =.=
Im so sorry, but slowly slowly, I can play abit lerh larh. But still cacat. xD
After that, I got a big present "STITCH" from Teng and Joelle. =) So sweet.
Rebecca was late, super late. Then Williem accompanied her skate a while lo.
Then me, Jx, teng and joelle went to Japanese shop meet up with Bintang they all.
We ordered our foods, and Bintang paid everything, rich ass. =.= Thanks anyway.
Then we went to da gei qiong, we see them play play play lorh. Damn cute larh. =)
After da gei qiong, me, teng and Joelle went to Playez Shop, spot a shoe, purple one.
And guess what happened next, Qilin bought it for me. xD So sweet =D
Next, we went to Baskin Robbin for makan cake, so silly of them.
They ate the fruits never eat the cake. =.= Rm40, reb's rm40 flied away le. T^T
And if you come out with my daughter Teng, makesure you bring a lot of money.
If not go home and cry. =.= Really shop til she crazy!! O.O And Joelle also. xP
Then shopping a while, everyone has to go home, left me and 4 boys. T^T
We went to Archery, damn nice to play, have fun with boys. =D
Suddenly Reb came back, then me and her went to top shop and shopping.
Captured some pics in the fitting room. =) I wanted the shirt so much. T^T But bo lui!!
After that, Will, Sam, Jx, Qilin, and ME! We went to Carrefour there the cc shop, teman them.
Then me and Qilin sat taxi and went home lerh. =)
That's all for today. So sweet of them and thanks for the suprises. Appreciate a lot.

17th March

17th March, thought nobody fetch me to Leisure Mall to meet them.
But ended up they came to Maluri and find me.
I belanja them pizza and we were gossiping around. =D
Then went Jusco bought couple shirt.
3 of us bought le WE CAN DO IT shirt from Giordano. =D
Love them and appreciate a lot. =D


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

♥ I never told you.

I cry everytime I listen to this. It describe my feeling.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

♥ =]

Let's see..I really sudah lama no update blog liao..
Damn lazy larh..
Days are fine, my life, my lovely babies and my girlish "BOY" friends. ^^
Just love my classmate, just found out something these days.
Many people support me ehh!! Teck Seng, Char xiu, Dylan, Vanessa and MunFong.
Their cuteness make me smile always. xD
Teck Seng said her face make him puke, then from that day onwards, everyday they discuss in class. Siao ==
Then nowadays my name TRIXIE became "CHECK" xie. Maybe sounds like taxi..
But cacat Teck seng said checkxie cuter. Then now everyday I got a new name in class.
MunFong, everyday sleep lorhh..== Like pig lorh.
Vanessa and Char xiu everyday argue lorh, fan sei me.
Dylan everyday kao lui lorh. I just had a big fight with Dylan today. =D Cacat fighting.
Almost all the period he sat with me, then while maths period's teacher was teaching.
Dylan said can you help me something?? den I said what? SAY LA!
Then he said can you help me kill that "IDIOT". Then I asked why.
Then he said, 因为他弄到你酱子,我不爽每天看到你(来也)的样子,所以我不爽他..
I was like, O.O??? 因为你不爽的样子弄到我不爽,你爽的样子比较可爱..
I speechless ehh!! Then MunFong and teck seng was like.. MUAHAHAHHAHAHA xD
I dont know what were they laughing, just think it's lame.
Then started fighting with him, piak here piak there. =.=
Then suddenly John and Teck seng acted the face that he USED to do.
After that MunFong and Sixin laughing so hard, I diam diam staring at them.
It's not funny but very zhadou larh..LOL. I didnt know so many ppl hate him ehh..
Then I ask teck seng and Dylan, they said because of me.
Then they sang, BECAUSE OF YOUUU...all point the fingers at me. =.=
Then Munfong and John was like REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE.
Very cute larh them xD At least they made me smile. =)
Then in class, always curse PPL lorrhh..what else they do?? Gang bang lo. =.=
not curse and gang bang. =.=
Recess time, still the same spends time with my laopoS.
In class, teck seng keep on talking about his QQ lorh..
And always asked me to repeat: " 佩欣吃醋" many times.
I see LOVES in his eyes. =D And and and Amanda always dumdai me and find John these days. =.=
Liteng came down and find us again, talking craps. Then forgotten what we said, suddenly her nose red red liao, eyes wet wet d.
Then me and Amanda started to get worried, what we said aa? Yuan lai Marcus luan luan said stuff to her. Zhadou larhh!!!
And today xundao, zhang xiu hua all came to our class and G class many times.
I dont know what happened, maybe very noisy. I just dont know.
Erm..this post campur everything d. =.= Very luan!! I bet u guys dont understand.
I also dont know how to describe it. =.= As long as I understand larh. >.<
And I was having a lot of fun with you guys. =DDD
And and and 1 more.

16th March 2010, Trixie Lee Ching Wen will OWN the world ^^


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

♥ Im back!!

*lying on my new sofa!*

I also dont now what to say here, finally I blog again. ^^

Dont worry guys, Im fine.

Im tough enough to get though everything what happened to me.

I will try and stand up, and move on.

Although now Im still lying down on the floor.

But I'll get up 1 day, and move on. =)

Short update! Update next time. ^^
Ignore those bullshits down there.
Just those unforgetable memories which should wipe away.
Still depress, but I know Im stronger than before. =)
Never forget never forgive.


Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ Days by days.

Time is passing so fast. Just feeling like why time past that fast eh?
My miserable days, I dont look forward and I just hope when I sleep and my eyes will never open.
Dream and dream and dream and I'll never wake up like sleeping beauty? =)
Waiting a prince to save me? How sweet is it. =)
Okay, things are normal these days. My pipe need to rest, so cannot cry too much although Im still super duper sad and missing him each sec!! I swear!!
My tank no more tears so Im waiting my tank to restore tears for me. Pipe girl!! =D
Okie, Tue nothing happened, everything is normal. I cried as normal before I sleep.
Wed and Thu nights also the same, my eyes was so tired everytime I wake up in the morning.==
Wed me, Munfong, Jonathan, Vanessa, Chaar siang and Teck seng were playing a game again, we only can talk chinese, cannot talk english, cantonese or mix language!
One word, 50 sen! Bad word Rm1!!
I paid for rm10!! My Rm10 flied away. T.T So sad weiihh!!!
Then at last the winner is Teck Seng, he got Rm55 plus plus!! Everyone's money gave to him. Yam gong~! T.T
Then Thu I stayed til 4pm, the volley coach was leaving on that day. I went with choc.
First day go there, they were doing the fizikal liao. =.= Maybe so long I never exercise and play volley.
My muscle so damn pain arhh!! This morning actually wanna had 3rd round with Choc.
But I had sore throat and I had a flu. >.< Damn xin ku!! In class dont know hak chiu how many times liao? == Then I told Choc, next tue baru 3rd round larh. She said okay ^^ She hide the wine in her class room, I bought a WHOLE NEW WANT! xDDDD Sometimes drink alone very lonely larh, Choc wanna join and ofcoz I wont reject larh. =) Munfong didnt come to school today. I was sitting alone and Chaar Siang came and sat beside me for whole day except di li period. We talk talk talk, he arh! Keep on making me laugh =) Then I was doing my grammar suddenly he slapped my face. Wtf?~ $#^%*%(&()*(*(*_ I keep on scolding him, I never let him explain, then at last Im tired of talking only I let him explain, he said I was doing grammar that time keep on saying diuu..Like this. So he slapped me. =.= Walao weii! TT We played a game, who said bad word slap that person!! Lols. Today he baru slapped me once, I slapped him for 4 or 5 times? Then 1st recess, saw Amanda standing outside my class waiting for me, I went down to canteen with my LoupoS and Amanda. I sore throats, cant eat goreng stuff!! T.T Then bought wan tan mee, makan makan makan. I drank A LOT OF WATER TODAY ehh!!! I hope I can be back a healthy baby girl again. Then 2nd recess, my bottles water sudah habis. T.T So ask Reb accompany me to canteen buy water, went there. Reb met his Wx and I was walking straight. Then BOOM! I bang Michelle, lols she said Hi and sweet smile to me. =) Me this friendly person sure smile back her sweetly larh xD Then bought my water, and bought lin yong bao!! My favourite pao, it reminds me of him again. Last time exam time, I bought a lin yong pao and brought to ka tai and eat in front of him. I didnt go mit the pao's skin, I dont know what it call, then he helped me and teached me how to mit out the pao's skin. He said it's dirty. Aww~ Isnt that sweet? Then from that day onwards, everytime I eat pao I sure mit out the pao's skin only I eat it. xD Then bought my lin yong pao, bang dou Tech seng, chaar siang, daniel and Peak yi. =) Peak yi is sooooo cutee ehh!! She was standing beside me so long and I dont know still blur blur.
She long hair looks cuter. xD Then mit mit her face. Then talk talk talk, then Reb stole chaar siang nuggets. =) I stole 1 and the half. xD LOL After that went up with reb, chatting with Amanda. She suddenly said he was sick and he was sleeping in the class. He's not feeling well. Eeeeeeeeeeeee >.< I sam tong ehh!! His mood was bad for whole day, David asked him go yi liao shi also dont want. =.=
Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....I really sam tong larh, tears sudah mau come out liao but I controlled. =(
If I can I sure rushed up to his class and take care him like last time. But everything changed marh!
8 days without him liao eh!! My life so miserable now and I hope I'll be back to normal as soon as possible. I misssssssssss himmmm baddddllyyyyyyy!!!! REAL BAD! >.<
Ah kit said nowadays I very quiet, I changed. What wor? == Nothing to talk mai quiet larh. Cannot?
Then Yan masuk campur, PEOPLE SAT LUN MARHH!! SAT LUN DAI GOR TIN!!!
Walao, that day I damn beh song, bang the door so hard, luckily everyone went out left 5 of us at home.
We watched ghost movie, paranormal activity, scary sei me. Kit hugged his gf, Yan hugged Eu!! == Me lerh? Hug oxygen? Ofcoz hug my pillow larh!! So lonely. T.T
I just want to be happy. Haiz..
Everyone's advice also the same, FORGET HIM LARH. ==
You think I dont want, I CANNOT MARH!! Stupid de...You guys also dont know how I feel.
I dont want keep on listening those same advices repeating and repeating again! Im sick and Im tired of everything. Thought 2O1O will be perfect year for me.
I organized my plan nicely and everything, ended up my dream all broken. A fucked up year for me larh.
Everything is pissing me off, freaking me up! GRRRRR ~
But still, everyday I got my huggies and kissies from my laopoS.
Every morning, both recess. Before go back to class sure 1 kissie and huggie. =)
That's sweet eh! Kissies on my cheek and huggies for me made me feel comfortable.
Showed me that they love me. =) And Ofcause! I love them too. ^^
Sam's Birthday is coming this Sunday. Im hanging out with my gang again, but this time less 1 ppl, is him. So everyone have their partner and Im alone this time.
And I hope Amanda is coming, if not I'll be so alone. T.T
My wallet have Rm250 ++ Im gonna shop again.
And 1 more thing! I went to kitchen take junk food and eat. I BANG THE WALL !! There's a mirror there, I thought boleh masuk punya, I go in lorh, I think I was blur that time, then BOOM!
So loud!! My aunties said how long u lived here?! There's a mirror there you also dont know?
I was like O.O I lun zhun lorh! ==
My forehead and my leg, my leg blue black liao and my forehead dont know what happen.
I think I need to ambil X-ray. If got problem then I cannot take pmr and Juec liao. How sad?
Im so tired and I dont feel like talking.
SORE THROAT and IM having a flu. Fever coming! I think. I dont want to get sick.
Later next tue cannot 3rd round with choc, she'll be so dissapoint. xD
Okay larh, that's all for today. Update next time.


♥ theGrumpyToast ;

      theGrumpyToast is very grumpy. Beware, this toast bites.

      Trixie . WenWen ;
      is what they address me .
      I'm officially fourteen and I'll be recieving presies on 16th of March :)

      If you can't accept at my worst , you certainly don't deserve at my best .
      Facts proved that I'm a little bit crazy but that's just who I am :)

♥ Past rawr-ing