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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

♥ =]

Let's see..I really sudah lama no update blog liao..
Damn lazy larh..
Days are fine, my life, my lovely babies and my girlish "BOY" friends. ^^
Just love my classmate, just found out something these days.
Many people support me ehh!! Teck Seng, Char xiu, Dylan, Vanessa and MunFong.
Their cuteness make me smile always. xD
Teck Seng said her face make him puke, then from that day onwards, everyday they discuss in class. Siao ==
Then nowadays my name TRIXIE became "CHECK" xie. Maybe sounds like taxi..
But cacat Teck seng said checkxie cuter. Then now everyday I got a new name in class.
MunFong, everyday sleep lorhh..== Like pig lorh.
Vanessa and Char xiu everyday argue lorh, fan sei me.
Dylan everyday kao lui lorh. I just had a big fight with Dylan today. =D Cacat fighting.
Almost all the period he sat with me, then while maths period's teacher was teaching.
Dylan said can you help me something?? den I said what? SAY LA!
Then he said can you help me kill that "IDIOT". Then I asked why.
Then he said, 因为他弄到你酱子,我不爽每天看到你(来也)的样子,所以我不爽他..
I was like, O.O??? 因为你不爽的样子弄到我不爽,你爽的样子比较可爱..
I speechless ehh!! Then MunFong and teck seng was like.. MUAHAHAHHAHAHA xD
I dont know what were they laughing, just think it's lame.
Then started fighting with him, piak here piak there. =.=
Then suddenly John and Teck seng acted the face that he USED to do.
After that MunFong and Sixin laughing so hard, I diam diam staring at them.
It's not funny but very zhadou larh..LOL. I didnt know so many ppl hate him ehh..
Then I ask teck seng and Dylan, they said because of me.
Then they sang, BECAUSE OF YOUUU...all point the fingers at me. =.=
Then Munfong and John was like REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE.
Very cute larh them xD At least they made me smile. =)
Then in class, always curse PPL lorrhh..what else they do?? Gang bang lo. =.=
not curse and gang bang. =.=
Recess time, still the same spends time with my laopoS.
In class, teck seng keep on talking about his QQ lorh..
And always asked me to repeat: " 佩欣吃醋" many times.
I see LOVES in his eyes. =D And and and Amanda always dumdai me and find John these days. =.=
Liteng came down and find us again, talking craps. Then forgotten what we said, suddenly her nose red red liao, eyes wet wet d.
Then me and Amanda started to get worried, what we said aa? Yuan lai Marcus luan luan said stuff to her. Zhadou larhh!!!
And today xundao, zhang xiu hua all came to our class and G class many times.
I dont know what happened, maybe very noisy. I just dont know.
Erm..this post campur everything d. =.= Very luan!! I bet u guys dont understand.
I also dont know how to describe it. =.= As long as I understand larh. >.<
And I was having a lot of fun with you guys. =DDD
And and and 1 more.

16th March 2010, Trixie Lee Ching Wen will OWN the world ^^


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      Trixie . WenWen ;
      is what they address me .
      I'm officially fourteen and I'll be recieving presies on 16th of March :)

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