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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ My hols. =)

13th June, Sunday

Woke up at afternoon about 1.3opm.
Then eat, watch tv until 3 something.
Then rolling on bed, and get prepared.
Coz later gonna meet up with my dearest for playing badminton.
About 4 something reached Desa Petaling,
then daddy paired with mommy, I paired with bii for playing badminton.
Few min later, Mac reached.
We were having a lot of fun there. So happy.
Badminton courts full with people,
the court was so hot, sweats alot. -,-
And my mom and dad like baby so much too. ^^
After that about 6 something, went dinner together at OUG!
Err..outside bii's house, makan makan makan, chatting chatting chatting.
Enjoyed!!! =D So happy today. Everone was having fun and talking jokes.
Brought Mac and Bii home.
Went home, got call from baby then slp. =)
And yesterday I went Pavillion with mommy and daddy,
and guess what? I watched Karate Kids. Whoaaa..NICE!
The small little chinese guy is kinda cute. ^^
And the son of Will Smith, Jade Smith too.
Small little black guy. Whoaa..small muscles. =D
Quite interesting huh my hols? Thanks to daddy and mommy. =)

14th June, Monday.

Woke up at 1 also. ^^ Piggy marr..xD
Daddy off today, so he brought me to Sunway shopping. =0
As I wish, I watched Nanny McPhee. Small C Big P! =DD
Funny movie. And bought shirts, bikiniS for yue and huiting. ^^
Used so much money. -,- Sakit hati now..
And today bii's friends came to his house, about 15 people of them.
Whole day never text me, about 8 something only find me. -,-
Abit unhappy lor, left me for so long. +(00)+
Went aunt house and tv then slp. Boring!! -,-
Slept about 3. Coz i woke up late today.

15th June, Tuesday.

Woke up at 9 for going to school accompany dear.
Then reached school, saw that pig playing with his phone. -,-
Then played ball, walking around, joking around.
We planned about 12 something wait Tony they all finish their history class,
then go to Mv for movie together.
But mom called, she was angry coz I never told her i went to school.
And exam is coming, almost everyday I go out, only know entertaining. -,-
Then she said 12.30pm go home IS A MUST!!!
Walao wei.. Tmr anniversary, then cant accompany baby. So sad.
I was so mad and pissed off!! Mom and dad scolded me on the phone,
and bii was watching me. So sorry..>.<
All my fault, for not telling my parents and pissed them off. Aiks~
Then 12.30 went home, I was so sad, no mood at all. All the way home, I was quiet.
After that, dear text me, he's gonna meet up with Daniel, Kar Kiet and Jia Long for lunch.
"MAYBE" go cc later. -,- Fine. I stay home study.
About 4 something he texted me and said, he just reached home, now wan study.
Later sms me, I was like..-,-
Fine fine fine..I was lazy to reply d.
Then night pack bag for tmr.
2 days not in kl for going trip to Tanjung Sepak. =( Gonna miss u guys.
Gonna take a lot of pics with all my babies at the beach.
Then night, made banana cupcakes with aunt. Enjoyed.
Auntie saw I was moody, she so sek me and wanna bake cupcakes.
I joined her, and flour all over the kitchen! muahahaha ^^
Thanks auntie. Love u.
That's all for today. Gonna update when I came back to KL.
Bye peeps. =D


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