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Friday, June 11, 2010

♥ 10th June

Ola~ Im back. Miss me? =)
Long time I never touch my bloggie. =3
Forgive my lazyness. ;)
I update my bloggie and changed my blog skin. ^.^
Grumpy toast! =DDDD
It's Beckham 2nd wife, WaiSze reminded me of my bloggie. =D
hmm..Where should I start?
10th June, woke up at 8am, for preparing going to school and attend the tuition class.
Gave baby a morning call, woke him up.
Then reached school, having chinese history tuition at JR3A class.
Until 12.30pm, while waiting for Junn to pick me from his daddy office.
I was joking around with Yue, ZhiYing and Mi. =)
Then played basketball with Siang, my skills improved! =D
After that, 1 only Junn reached school then we sat taxi went to my aunt house.
We went swimming pool talking and playing with water then only go up.
Reached home, he was hungry then I cooked Magee for him.
My grandma and grandpa said he's good looking and polite, but too skinny. -,-
I almost vomit. Then kick him to room do maths and rolling on the bed doing nothing.
About 4 something, he went back. =) What a happy day for me.

Today woke up at 10am, morning call from Jun.
10.30am tuition til 12. I was banging the wall with my chemistry book. -,-
Whole day was boring, texted baby, on9, watching tv.
Everyday like eat, slp, sms, on9 and tv. NO MORE~ -,-
And I wanna watch Nanny Mcphee this weekend. ><
And and and shopping!!! BIKINI! I gonna buy bikini for YUE! =D
16th and 17th having a trip with my classmates.
So 2 days not in KL. T^T
Gonna reload more and sweet talk with baby everynight le.
Promised Yue gonna buy a bikini for her, force her wearing it on beach! Muahaha xD
16th cant celebrate 15th Month Anni with my sorlou. =(
I promise Im gonna buy back anni pressie for him.
19th gonna force him out celebrate fathers' day eve with my parents.
And hope everything will be fine.
Just a short update here. And I found a video. [[ Love like this - SS501 ]] - not bad. =)


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      is what they address me .
      I'm officially fourteen and I'll be recieving presies on 16th of March :)

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