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Friday, March 19, 2010

♥ Birthday

15th March

Ehem..Woke up Eu, Yan, Hwai, Kit and his gf.
Always forgotten her name. =.= Not so close marhh..
They brought me to Pavillion, walk walk and I watched Remember Me. =)
So nice. =D And had a drink at Carl's Junior. Hwai wanted to eat the beef burger.
Then shop shop each of them gave me Rm100.
They said buy whatever I like. LOL. I got Rm300 from them. ^^
Actually we wanted to buy Alice in the wonderland. But fully booked. Sampat =.=
Yan bought le fruits cake for me. We makan at the starbucks outside the Jusco. ^^
Then we went to Jusco, Yan wanted to eat Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.
Eu bought for her then I went to their house, saw my Jackie =D
So long never see him, became fatty boom boom liao. ^^
Then on9 lorh, went swimming at Miharja there, at night went pasar malam.
About 8 something, mom brought me home. ^.^
Dad and mom gave me Rm250. Yeeeeeppeeeee =D
At night, makan green tea cake again. ^^

Sam kor =)
My girls.
Leon and Me =) Look at my face.
blow blow.
Face on cake. =.=
Ate the fruits, threw the cake. =.=
Birthdat girl.
Force him makan. xD
Bin =)
Pretty Joelle.
JX =)
Will x)
Ah lui =)

Qilin =)
My baby.

16th March
My birthday, about 11.30pm only I woke up. =D
Then Rebecca called and wished me Happy Birthday.
Then about 1pm only reached Sunway, because of traffic jam.
Reached Sunway, meet up with my babies.
Then boys dont want to ice skating, so me, Liteng, Joelle, Williem and Junxian went in first.
I dont know how to skate larh, I hold Teng and Joelle's hand until bengkak liao. =.=
Im so sorry, but slowly slowly, I can play abit lerh larh. But still cacat. xD
After that, I got a big present "STITCH" from Teng and Joelle. =) So sweet.
Rebecca was late, super late. Then Williem accompanied her skate a while lo.
Then me, Jx, teng and joelle went to Japanese shop meet up with Bintang they all.
We ordered our foods, and Bintang paid everything, rich ass. =.= Thanks anyway.
Then we went to da gei qiong, we see them play play play lorh. Damn cute larh. =)
After da gei qiong, me, teng and Joelle went to Playez Shop, spot a shoe, purple one.
And guess what happened next, Qilin bought it for me. xD So sweet =D
Next, we went to Baskin Robbin for makan cake, so silly of them.
They ate the fruits never eat the cake. =.= Rm40, reb's rm40 flied away le. T^T
And if you come out with my daughter Teng, makesure you bring a lot of money.
If not go home and cry. =.= Really shop til she crazy!! O.O And Joelle also. xP
Then shopping a while, everyone has to go home, left me and 4 boys. T^T
We went to Archery, damn nice to play, have fun with boys. =D
Suddenly Reb came back, then me and her went to top shop and shopping.
Captured some pics in the fitting room. =) I wanted the shirt so much. T^T But bo lui!!
After that, Will, Sam, Jx, Qilin, and ME! We went to Carrefour there the cc shop, teman them.
Then me and Qilin sat taxi and went home lerh. =)
That's all for today. So sweet of them and thanks for the suprises. Appreciate a lot.

17th March

17th March, thought nobody fetch me to Leisure Mall to meet them.
But ended up they came to Maluri and find me.
I belanja them pizza and we were gossiping around. =D
Then went Jusco bought couple shirt.
3 of us bought le WE CAN DO IT shirt from Giordano. =D
Love them and appreciate a lot. =D


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